Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday's Fabulous Find takes you to the Tropics!

Thinking about having a Destination Wedding? 

Just envision: White sand, blue water, warm breeze, tropical scents fill the air and the warm glorious sun...Still reading?

But you don't know where to start your destination wedding plans?  Well look no further!  This week we are thrilled to share with you P.O.S.E Destination Wedding and Travel.

Pose Destination Weddings and Travel is a full service agency specializing in affordable travel for destination weddings, personal and group travel.  I recently had my clients book with Pose Travel for their honeymoon and their experience was fantastic!  My clients were taken care of and assisted with all of their travel decisions so they can have everything they are asking for within their budget.  They are very much looking forward to what sounds like an amazing get-a-way after their wedding!

Whether it's a destination wedding or you're looking to book your honeymoon or just plans to get away from it all, contact Pose Travel, they will be sure to take care of all the details for you. 
Pose Travel offers complimentary consultations to help guide you in the right direction of starting your planning for honeymoon or a destination wedding.
Don't take my word for it, here are some great testimonials:
Here are a Few Great Reasons of Why to Plan a Destination Wedding:
  1. It's more of an intimate affair, not everyone on your guest list can travel which makes it for a smaller wedding.  This allows you to spend time with close family and friends.
  2. Maybe you have been thinking of eloping, but your family insists on a wedding.  It's a great way to get what you want and give parents/close family the wedding they want to see.
  3. If you are looking to have a laid back wedding or if it's a second wedding, destination wedding is a great way to go!
  4. And Cost.  Cost is a factor with some couples in helping them make the decision of having a destination wedding.  Depending on your location of choice, it can be less expensive to do a destination wedding.
So if you don't want your vacation to end up like this:

But want to see beautiful visions as this:

Then do yourself a favor and contact Pose Travel!

 Although, remember a great alternative: if you can't get away but want to have the tropical feel of a get away, it can be done in Vancovuer.  By chosing the perfect location and having an amazing vendor team to help you create it all.  A DreamGroup Planner can help you do just that.
Until next time, Aloha, Adios my Amigos :)

By Sandy Pandher, Associate Planner with DreamGroup Productions

With her "hands on" energetic approach to planning, Sandy offers a perfect balance between assertiveness and calmness -- two qualities instrumental in qualifying oneself as a great planner. This smart, savvy and dedicated planner's passion is in building relationships and connecting with each of her clients so that their wedding day can truly reflect who they are as a couple and what their love story symbolizes. Sandy is best suited to the busy Urban couple looking for a knowledgeable and intuitive planner to help bring their wedding vision to life.

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