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Ask a Planner... "Bloomin Budget!"

Hi DreamGroup

I'm on a 2K Flower Budget! And after contacting several florists for quotes have realized just how much of a budget I'm on! lol  Basically without getting super complicated I need to know from a pro what a typical amount might be for my wedding flowers for the ceremony and reception keeping in mind a pretty and modest floral plan. I do aspire to have my wedding featured in Real Weddings or Perfect Wedding and do have pretty good taste so it can't look cheap!  I love white orchids!  I need to know how much is just enough.  Hopefully that makes sense.  FYI: We have 80 guests and are hosting it at Hotel Georgia next summer. Ceremony in Foyer dinner in Spanish Ballroom.  I have 3 Bridesmaids and Jeff has 2 Groomsmen (I know we're unbalanced!).  We would also like each of our parents to have some body flowers.



Hello Vanessa,

Thank you for your question! Floral budgets can vary very widely depending on the caliber of wedding, size of floral arrangements, types of flowers, and number of tables/guests.  Based on an intimate wedding at the gorgeous and timeless Rosewood Hotel Georgia and factoring in, as you said, a "pretty and modest" floral design plan -- here is a realistic average breakdown that would surely make both you and your budget happy. And for the record having more/less bridesmaids than groomsmen is not that unusual.  Who says friendship has to be symmetrical?  Best of luck with your wedding!

Floral Budget - modest and sweet:

Bride's Bouquet: $150.00
Bridesmaid's Bouquet: $75.00 each x 3 = $225.00
Groom's Boutonniere: $15.00
Groomsman's Boutonniere: $10.00 each x 2 = $20.00
Mother of the Bride Corsage: $15.00
Mother of the Groom Corsage: $15.00
Father of the Bride Boutonniere: $10.00
Father of the Groom Boutonniere: $10.00
2 Ceremony Arrangements (pillars not included): $150.00 x 2 = $300.00
Centerpieces (using florist's own vases): $125.00 each x 8 = $1,000.00
Head Table Florals: $200.00 (you might instead re-purpose the bridesmaid bouquets to save $$$)
Delivery and Pick: $100.00
Total (before tax): $2,060.00
HST:  $247.20
Grand Total: $2,307.20  **note this does not include potential decor costs for things like specialty linens, candles, rented vases, etc.

Wedding Planner signing off!  Until next week… keep those questions coming in!  Submit your questions by emailing us at 


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