Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday's Montage: Pictures to save the date with

There are so many fun ways of letting guests know they need to save the date. And one of them is to take a picture with a picture prop. If you are planning on using a picture for your save the date let yourself be inspired by one of the creative pictures below. Here are 10 amazing picture save the date ideas.

1. She said Yes! There are so many beautiful versions of this photo. But there is something about this one with its torn piece of paper and handwritten note that tug on the heartstrings.

2. Everything is better with a little vintage. Throw in a vintage frame and a vintage suitcase and presto an adorable save the date.
3. Say it with balloons. Really you should be able to say everything with balloons.


4.Or how about say it with spoons. These vintage spoons engraved with the date of your wedding are lovely. Perfect for a rustic wedding or a couple who loves their kitchen.             
5. Grab an old window pane and your pup for a photo that is very you.
6. Say it with shoes. The date written on the soles of your shoes is a winner. But then again most things involving shoes are.

7. Scrabble anyone? If you are a couple obsessed with word games this is the save the date for you.

8. Hang it. So simple and yet so cute. A few wooden numbers, some paint, and some string. You can't go wrong.

9. Paint it. An empty canvas and paint makes for a great save the date.

10.Write it on a Chalkboard. Chalkboards are all the rage and let's just say a chalkboard has never looked so good.

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