Monday, September 3, 2012

Monday's Montage: First Look Photos

A huge wedding trend emerging across the pond is the “First Look” Photo. We are still a pretty traditional nation when it comes to weddings, and one pretty basic one is that the groom should not see his bride until they meet at the top of the aisle. But times are changing, and now we have weddings in all shapes and forms, and increasingly people are breaking the boundaries of tradition, so why not few moments to see your other half before walking up the aisle? A very special moment between the two of you without all of the eyes of a room full of guests. It could also be a blessing in disguise to calm all those nerves and jitters about walking up the aisle.

 The outcome could be magical, just have a look for yourself at those who choose to do and capture ‘A First Look’…

A first look could also be incorporated into the big day if you and your hubbie-to-be wish to walk up the aisle together.

This could work particularly well for bride’s whose Dad is no longer with them, or where there is a bit of family politics (we all know that kind of thing!) or even for couples who are eloping!

It may not be for everyone, however if you like the idea but feel you don’t want to ruin the surprise you could always just add a little element in but not go the whole hog, like having your groom blindfolded, or a first touch like these guys, a quick embrace from the other side of the door or wall.

 Would consider doing a first look, or are you choosing to wait until the ceremony? From a planners point of view, I LOVE the first look photos also for the sake of the timeline. It eliminates that gap of time between ceremony and reception that you need to be away from your guests.

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