Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Ask a Planner... "Sweet 16"


I'm Bella :)  So basically, I've planned to have my birthday around October 5-8th. Since it's a sweet 16, I definitely want it to be memorable! So, it would be fantastic if you could give me a few more suggestions on themes. Please reply after you read this.


Hello Bella,

How fun to be approaching such an important milestone birthday!  There are so many options when considering themes for a birthday celebration!  For a Sweet 16 here are a few that come to mind...

...recreate a Spa atmosphere in your own home with onsite manis-pedis!  Rent some fabulous white furniture (from Vancouver's Loungeworks, Upright Decor, or Cory's Fine Furnishings) and large TV screens to watch your favourite episodes of your favourite TV Shows on while you enjoy appetizers and sparkling beverages served by attentive wait staff.  This would be a sure hit as who doesn't love to be pampered?!  Have guests leave with a pair of pretty pink flip-flops, a glamorous lip-gloss, and/or a copy of your favourite movie to take home!

...go on an adventurous Amazing Race style relay customized just for you and your guests sending you on a challenging quest around this beautiful city performing various challenges and tasks that will eventually lead you to the final challenge!  A race to the finish!  This would be great for the more outdoorsy 16 year old and her friends!  End up at a local hot spot to grab some food and drinks.

...or how about the tried and true and always popular Dance Party (circa any decade you choose from 70s to present day) with a well known local club DJ (check out Girl on Wax) manning the turntables!  A Virgin Drink Bar is a must offering a variety of fabulous juice and pop concoctions with your very own interactive (and of course super hunky) bartender! 

Thanks for your question Bella and all the best with your party!  Happy Birthday!! 

Wedding Planner signing off!  Until next week… keep those questions coming in!  Submit your questions by emailing us at


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