Monday, September 24, 2012

Monday's Montage: Fall Wedding Cakes

If you’re getting married in the fall, congrats!! You chose fall because it’s beautiful, the leaves are turning, the days are cooler and there’s a sense of renewal coming that makes it perfect for getting married. The issue most fall Brides have is that they like the season, but don’t love all the fall themed options that come with getting married at that time. Maybe you love the color and richness of the season, but don’t want leaves on everything. Understandable! It seems that the only answer is to create a new variation on an old theme. Here’s some Inspired ideas on how to make fall wedding cakes work for you.

Appliqués and Paint

Tasteful appliqués are an excellent way to add a fall wedding theme to your cake. They can be in abstract shapes or use a leaf motif, but this non-traditional use of fondant will make your cake stand out from the crowd.


Flowers are a wonderful way to add fall colors to your wedding without having to use leaf or other traditional fall motifs. Adding them artfully to your cake can be the perfect way to incorporate this theme.

Sculptured Elements

One of the most wonderful things about wedding cakes is the versatility of icing and fondant. Bakers are artists of the highest degree and can make pretty much anything. Between this incredible skill and a host of three dimensional decorating options, adding fall colors, themes and elements to your cake can be a breeze – and create a gorgeous result!

See one or three that you love? Bring the photo for inspiration to Jill at The Uncommon Cake and she will not only create the most beautiful work of art you have seen, but the smell of her delicious cakes fills the room with the sweetest scent. YUM! Enjoy.

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