Thursday, June 23, 2011

How to Personalize your Party!

Check out some great ideas from WeddingBells of how to personalize your wedding reception...

  1. Shake up your own cocktails: Meet with you venue's manager and have the bar concoct a special drink exclusively for your W-day. Suggestions: a slick martini or tropical fruit explosion. Whatever you choose, make it cool and colourful, and be sure all bar staff promote it to your guests.
  2. Make it a movie night: If either of your parents kept childhood film footage of you, break into the archives and play a reel or two at your wedding. Find a video pro in your area and have a movie made for the wedding - it makes a great backdrop during toast time.
  3. Make the day with flowers: As each guest arrives at your reception, have the bridal party present them with a small corsage or boutonniere. This little touch will brighten the evening by making people feel they are a special presence in your lives.
  4. Put guests in the picture: Designate a space at your reception for staging a whimsical photo shoot that puts your guests in the starring role. Have a host of vintage clothes, accessories and props on hand for people to dress up in, then have their mugs snapped by a pro photographer for a retro black and white photo to enclose with your thank-you note.
  5. Pay homage to your roots: Pick something that symbolizes your culture(s) and make it the focus of your event. If your background is Scottish, feature tartan throughout your wedding, from your bridesmaid dresses to the plaid tin stocked with shortbread biscuits you send your guests home with as a bonbonniere.
  6. Create a photo guest book: Instead of asking guests simply to sign your guest register, have an usher on hand to snap a Polaroid of them before they leave their autograph. After they affix the pic to your book, they can sign their name and message below.

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