Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Tip of the Week...What the Pros Want You to Know, Part 7

DG's 12 Week Series of Tips from the Pros...


Prepare an agenda for your wedding reception: Couples often spend more time picking out a wedding ring than they do thinking about how they want their wedding reception to flow. Yet the reception is usually the most memorable part of the wedding (hopefully for all the "right" reasons rather than all the wrong ones). A wedding reception that involves more than 20 guests moves into the status of a special event -- and one of the keys to the success of any special event is the creation of a solid agenda that identifies what's going to happen when and how the overall evening is going to flow. Just a movie needs a script, a wedding reception needs an agenda.

Choose a capable wedding emcee: An emcee can also make or break your wedding reception. He or she needs to fully understand what's required for the role -- and be able to preside over and take command of the event to ensure the evening unfolds as planned. While emcees can be taught the basics of how to perform in that role, it takes a person who is confident, articulate and organized to take charge of the event and lead the audience through it.

Brief your wedding toasters: It's a tremendous honor to be asked to make a wedding toast -- but unfortunately, many "toasters" fail to take the role seriously and don't do enough to properly prepare for their big moment. The bride and groom can address that by a) Lining up their toasters well in advance of the wedding (rather than the night before); b) Providing them with a copy of the agenda so they know when they fit into the program; c) Ensuring they know how many guests will be in attendance (the prospect of having to address several hundred people has a way of prompting speakers to get their act together); d) Letting their toasters know that the room in which the reception is to be held will be available for them to rehearse their toast prior to the actual reception (hint -- be prepared).

~ Tom Haibeck, "The Wedding MC: A Complete Guide to Success" and "Wedding Toasts Made Easy" available at Chapters or at

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