Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday's Montage: This week's theme...Lace

From Grace Kelly...

To Kate Middleton...

Following the "Wedding of the Century," lace has been re-embraced by the modern bride. From all the details that were highly scrutinized by the many eyes on the royal wedding, the lace detail on Kate's dress was something to be remembered.

Perhaps you may not be looking to replicate the full lace sleeve, but including this delicate, ultra-feminine touch can create a classic look, fit-for-a-princess!

Whether it be a lace applique, lace detail in your invitations, vintage lace wrapped around your bouquet, or used in any aspect of your decor, this timeless fabric will surely be a growing trend following Kate Middleton's walk down the aisle.

Will you be adding a lace touch to your wedding day?

Maybe add some striking black lace for a classic contrast to the traditional white wedding!

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