Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Tip of the Week...What the Pros Want You to Know, part 4

DG's 12 Week Series of Tips from the Pros...


When looking for a cake maker, make sure you share the same vision by bringing in lots of information to your consultation such as color swatches, themes, invitation sample, photo of wedding gown, florist’s contact information, sample monograms, etc.

Ensure that you hire a qualified and experienced cake maker. They should have a proper example of past cakes presented in either a portfolio or on a website gallery. Also, pay attention to how the cake maker presents themselves. Is their work area clean and organized and are they knowledgeable and helpful and able to answer your questions? The environment in which they work says a lot about their health standards and what you can expect from them product wise.

And just because a cake maker has nice looking cakes doesn’t mean they taste good so be sure to ask for a sample or attend a tasting session unless you happen to already know through your own experience or through word of mouth that their cakes are indeed delicious. It’s beneficial to hire someone who is known in the industry as you will then be able to feel more at ease about trusting them to show up on the day, on time and with the correct cake order!

~ April Bellia, April Cakes

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