Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday's Fabulous Find: Sonja Picard Collection

Check out the 'Recycle your Love' project at The Sonja Picard Collection...

The project is based on the idea that you can reclaim the gifts of love waiting at the bottom of yoru jewelry box.

Many of these pieces are symbolic of love stories gone by, much like these tales, the jewelry is stored as nostalgia to be passed on. Jewelry is always given with love and affection so why not transform that into something you love to wear every day?

Sonja Picard believes that "we are the custodians of these gemstones passed down from generations before us." Her vision as an artist and a yogini, is inspired by yogic philosophy and its traditions of adornment. The Sonja Picard Collection Jewelry is created not only for its beauty, but as a reminder of the divinity within ourselves and that which is around us.
Perfect for eco-conscious brides and grooms searching for an ethically handcrafted symbol of their love with a link tot he past as they celebrate their future.

You can view Sonja Picard's beautiful collection here!

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