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Wedding Wednesday: How to create your personal bridal style...

In preparation for Style & Strut, DreamGroup will bring you tips for a personalized bridal style from head to toe!

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There are different types of components that you should consider when picking out a wedding hairstyle. First of all, if you have any bridal magazines, it is important that you flip through the pages and examine the models. Look at the types of wedding dresses they are wearing and how their wedding hairstyle is done to compliment the dress.

Also, it is important that you look at the model's facial structure; is it an oval shape like yours, or is it more of a round shaped face? Lets face it, what may look grand on a magazine could look totally different on you. Based on the structure and the style of your wedding dress; and everything from your make-up to your accessories can completely change that look.

The first of many decisions you will need to make is if you would like you wedding hairstyle to be up or down.

The second decision you will have to make is if your wedding hairstyle will be simple or glamorous. This part is important because it reflects your personality. You want to feel comfortable, therefore, be cautious of anything too outrageous or out of your norm.

To add a special touch to your look, put a flower or some type of clip that will complete your look and give you a little sparkle.

If you want a jaw-dropping, bold look, you want your wedding hairstyle to be big, with lots of volume. Add gems or pretty clips to your wedding hair to compliment the beading on your dress and create a more dramatic look.

Something to also consider is the type of wedding hairstyle that will best compliment your gown...

For the Princess Ball Gown: Consider an elegant, classy updo. Remember that a high updo is great for achieving some extra height and impact!

For the Vintage Gown: Consider a natural style with loose curls and a simple flower that matches your bouquet.

For the Strapless Gown: Consider leaving all your hair down, or keep just a few strands up to give yourself some extra volume and height.

For the Beaded Gown: Consider curls and some rhinestones to compliment your beadwork. Just be cautious of how much extra sparkle you actually need!

Have fun, be creative, and most importantly, let your bridal style reflect your personal style!

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