Thursday, August 18, 2011

Perfect Pictures with Tips from a Pro!

Jeanie of [Stu-di-o] has provided our DG Blog readers with some great tips and tricks for flawless wedding photos...

Leading up to the wedding

Be unique with details!
A photographer's dream is a wedding with details... and not just any details. Details with personality! Handmade favors, colour frames, vintage typewriters and birdcages... you name it, we love to photograph it! All these little details help to make YOUR wedding unique, and will definitely make your special day stand out from the crowd. MOST importantly, it will translate your personality to your wedding guests, and be awesome conversation starters! Check out this [Stu-di-o] blog for ideas on how to personalize your wedding, and be sure to go treasure hunting on to find handmade, one of a kind gifts, favors and accessories.

On the Wedding Day

Consider doing a FIRST LOOK session
One of my favourite moments to capture before any wedding day! It's something I adore photographing because it's such a special and powerful moment shared between a couple before they embark on the next chapter of their lives together. And it's a quiet and intimate moment you can share with each other before the wedding activity descends upon you both! Don't worry about old superstitions... toss them out the door! It's not bad luck to see each other before your ceremony, and you will LOVE LOVE LOVE the up close, emotional photos of you seeing each other for the first time before anybody else does ;) Then after the ceremony, you can party the night away with your guests, no delay!

Make a list of Posed Family Photos
After the ceremony, that's when posed family photos will be taken. Having that list and having somebody from either side of the families to guide the photo participants to the right place is key to making sure that your timeline isn't held up by unnecessary delays. Each posed photo takes about 2-5 minutes to arrange, so my best advice is to keep the list as short as possible :) This way, nobody will be standing around waiting to have their photo taken... they can go off and mingle and chat with Oh-my-goodness-I-haven't-seen-you-in-ages-Uncle-Bob!

Chat with us about your Timeline
Often I come across timelines that don't make the most effective use of the day. Glean the most from our years of experience in the industry to maximize your photography coverage for your special once-in-a-lifetime day. Talk with me about your wedding day, especially between your ceremony and reception, to figure out the best locations, etc.

Organized Transportation
Some bridal parties have 2 bridesmaids and groomsmen... other have over 10! Regardless of your number, organizing your transportation so that everybody shows up at the same time at the right place is key to maximizing your photography time with us. You don't want to be wasting precious time standing around waiting for key figures to show up. Our best advice is to engage the services of the limousine. A greatly under-advertised solution is calling Yellow Cab for their limo taxi. They arrive in beautiful London-style cabs with extremely professional drivers, and stay with you until you say so!

Have that On-the-Go Kit
Not everybody can have the luxury of having their makeup and hair artist be with them for the whole day. So on that note: 1. Have a kit that will help keep your complexion looking fresh and pretty, and 2. Keep your hair style and accessories appropriate for the locations that you will be in. If you are going to be on the windy coastal regions for your photos, then having a pin up hairdo might not be the best style to choose. 3. Bring the right footwear! Coordinated flipflops are great to photograph, and they're not expensive to splurge on. This goes for both boys and girls ;)

Let it all Go
When it comes to your wedding day... just let all of the unchecked to-do lists go. Your wedding day is a special once in a lifetime celebration, and you don't want to miss it whilst you're fretting about the weather or the set up. That's what planners are for... so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your wedding day! It will pass by too quickly, trust me, and you will want to savour each and every moment as it comes. And I'll be able to take the photographs to help you remember those special moments.

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