Thursday, August 25, 2011

How to Be a Good Wedding Guest

Martini Bratten, editor in chief of Brides magazine, provides wedding etiquette tips for guests courtesy of Allure's Insider's Guide...
  • RSVP IMMEDIATELY - Decide as quickly as possible whether you are attending and respond. Waiting until a week or two before the wedding is inconsiderate. Silence is often more frustrating than the disappointment of a "no."
  • DON'T BEND THE RULES - You cannot bring a date unless your invitation has the words "and guest" on it. And you should never ask if you can bring one.
  • BE EARLY - Aim to arrive at least 30 minutes before the ceremony starts. You never know how long parking and finding a seat might take. If you are late, make sure the bride has finished her procession to the altar, then open the door quietly and go in.
  • UPLOAD LATER - Even if you think the couple will love your snapshots, don't race home and post them on Facebook before the couple has had a chance to share the perfectly lit professional shots.
  • EXIT POLITELY - If the couple expects you to stay for dinner, it's rude to leave beforehand; the cake cutting is a great time to slip off. Be sure to thank the hosts or let the maid of honor know you're leaving.

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