Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Ask a Planner... "Chinese Banquet Games"

Hi DreamGroup!

I'm looking for wedding reception games for our Chinese banquet dinner… any ideas?

Lena =)

Hello Lena,

In addition to the more common interactive elements like Karaoke and dancing often included in the night’s festivities there are several fun and popular games we have seen work well in the past.  Some of these include:

Chopstick Kissing Game
Typically, guests will tap their chopsticks on their plates or glasses to encourage the bride and groom to exchange a kiss. In this case, each time the chopsticks start going the newlyweds pull the names of a couple in the room and they would need to stand up and kiss each other in some dramatic way, then the bride and groom follow with a kiss in the same style.

Question Game
This game is probably my favourite as it allows guests to learn a little bit about the bride and groom while having a little fun. The bride and groom sit back to back often on the dance floor or in the centre of the room each holding one of their own shoes in one hand and their new spouse’s shoe in the other.  The couple are then asked random questions (i.e. Who is the bossiest?  Who is the better cook?  Who snores the loudest?) and have to answer them by raising the correct shoe (his or hers) in the air.  Whoever gets the most questions right wins!

Who is my Bride?
This is a cute one and a tried and true banquet favourite.  The groom is blindfolded and guests line up and each take turns letting the groom touch their hands or face.  The groom has to determine which one is his bride.  Often men will join in on the fun too. It’s quite entertaining.

Egg in the Pants
This is a popular and cute one and can be done with the wedding party or just the bride and groom.  The bride takes an egg (usually hard boiled) and has to transfer the egg (without dropping it) up the left pant leg of the groom, over to the right leg through the crotch area, and down the right pant leg. I’ve seen a cell phone substituted for the egg before and is quite funny when someone calls the phone during the game right about when the phone reaches the crotch area… lol

Wedding Planner signing off!  Until next week duckies… keep those questions coming in!  Submit your questions by emailing us at


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