Thursday, April 12, 2012

DreamGroup...More than just Fabulous Weddings! Zombies Anyone?

Once in a while we get the opportunity to plan special events which we love just as much as weddings.  And it's not often that we get to do something so out of the box. 

Recently, Slant Six Games, a Vancouver Video Game company, hired DreamGroup to plan their Launch & Wrap party for their latest game, Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City.  If you aren't familiar with this hugely popular video game franchise it's all about Zombies that have taken over.

When I first heard about this opportunity I jumped at the chance to plan this event.  My husband is a video game designer (he works for a different company) and basically this was my two worlds colliding: Event Planning meets Video Games.  How fun!

The vision for this event was to create an environment where guests would basically be walking through Raccoon abandoned city that had been overtaken by Zombies.

And the result?  Well, I'll let you take a look at the photos...and just a warning that some of these are a little gory.

As guests arrived at the party zombies were shuffling about...


...and trying to "eat" the helpless

Luckily some of the heros from the Video game were there to help protect the innocent guests

Tasty Zombie treats were created by Savoury Chef Foods

And guests enjoyed the T-virus cocktail through the Ice Luge (in the video game, the T-virus is what tranforms people into zombies)...and by the end of the night...

...most of the guests had been Zombiefied by our special FX makeup artists provided by Mink Makeup

Tunes were playing all night long courtesy of DJ Rich and..

Guests experienced Vancouver Flipbook where they acted out mini scenes with the Resident Zombies...


...Or they just relaxed and played the video game

When the guests entered this party they didn't know what they were about to walk into but they totally got into the spirit!

Photos: Jeff Ow, Stu-di-O

Special Thanks to:

Greenscape Design & Decor
Cool Creations
Furnishings by Corey
Event Cleanup
Rowe Events
Acme Props

Sarah Shore
principal planner

Sarah Shore always knew she would be an entrepreneur.  In 2002 Sarah graduated from the University of Victoria with a Bachelor of Commerce in Business.  Sarah started a successful wedding website design company that gave her a taste for the entrepreneurial possibilities to come.

Sarah brings to the company a priceless range of cherished talents that give DreamGroup both a technical, stylish, and efficient edge.  Methodical in nature, and organized to a fault, Sarah’s composed approach to running the company and managing her accounts is always appreciated by both clients and associates alike.  Her ability to act as mediator for her clients in times of difficulty and keep her cool in times of stress are only two of Sarah’s most admirable qualities.  Her candidness and calm manner have brought for her the affectionate moniker, “No-Nonsense Shore”. 

We promise to inspire, inform & indulge!


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Your best yet!! Incredible, disgusting details and so much fun