Wednesday, April 4, 2012

NEW! Ask a Planner

Hello my lovelies… it’s your trusted wedding planner extraordinaire here!  Since the start of my wedding  career almost 13 years ago I have been known as the energetic, effervescent “tell it like it is” breath of fresh air that this industry needed.    
From my initial days as a Catering Manager for what was then Vancouver’s busiest and most heralded wedding venue to my current role as co-owner of one of Vancouver’s longest running and most trusted wedding planning companies, a full time wedding planner, wife, & mother of two active boys, I have had no qualms in offering the straight up honest truth when it comes to the subject I feel most strongly about…  WEDDINGS!   
Starting today (and every Wednesday from here on in) you, the knowledge seeking DIY bride (that's YOU) in search of the insight and opinion of an esteemed professional (that’s ME), can benefit from this tell it like it is planner’s years of industry experience.  
Introducing  Ask a Planner to be featured every Wedding Wednesday on DreamGroup’s highly frequented Blog where each week I will personally address the most popular question that seems to be on every bride’s mind.   
My hope in offering this free service is that you will become a smarter, more knowledgeable bride better prepared to make whatever decision you are faced with when it comes to carrying out a successful and savvy wedding planning experience.  And for those of you who are curious as to why I would choose to spend my precious (and extremely limited) time giving away the answers to the questions I am usually paid to answer… Well, the truth is I feel it is important to give back to the industry that has brought me acclamation, friendships, wonderful experiences, & considerable happiness over the past several years.   
So whether you need a dose of reality, some sober insight, or simply an honest answer about any given wedding product or service out there I look forward to enlightening you and in turn future generations of brides who will hopefully continue to visit our Blog in search of that perfect wedding truth.  
To submit your question, simply post a comment and each week I will choose one to answer.  I look forward to passing along some insight!

Geneve McNally, Principal Planner with DreamGroup Productions

Genève McNally first began her wedding career in 1999 as the Catering & Sales Manager for one of Vancouver’s most sought after wedding venues.  Having coordinated over a 1,000 wedding receptions during her six years with the venue, Genève was able to gain an invaluable knowledge and insight into what it takes to make an event everything it should be with the utmost care and efficiency. 

Geneve focuses much of her attention on the sales and marketing aspects of the company and is most often the friendly voice you will chat with when first inquiring with DreamGroup.  Genève is enthusiastic, dedicated, honest, confident, and intuitive in nature.  She is known to inspire and excite both clients and industry associates alike. Genève's moniker within the company is “Two-Cents McNally” and she is known to be the one who is not afraid to speak up when there’s something important to be said and is always ready to “tell it like it is” – albeit always in kind.

We promise to inspire, inform & indulge!

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