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Ask a Planner... "Confused about Invitations"


I’m so excited that you have started offering this service!  I actually have a few questions about my invitations. Answer whatever you can and I’ll be most grateful.  My wedding is on August 18th.  We are having the ceremony at a church and the reception at a hotel downtown later that night.  It seems there are many possible options as far as extra cards to include and we are feeling a little confused.  Must we have a separate reception card or can we include all the information on one invitation even though there are two locations?  Also, do we need to have mailed RSVP cards or can we ask guests to RSVP by email?  Lastly, if we do have paper RSVP cards do we need to include postage stamps on the return envelopes? Thanks for your help!

Natalia S.

WOW Natalia!  These are terrific questions and I am happy to say easy to address (haha! I had to include a little invitation humour).  First of all your timing is impeccable with regards to dealing with invitations at this time as the norm for tackling the invitation order and details is about 4 months before the wedding.  So Bravo!!  

With regards to whether or not to include a separate reception card is really a case of personal preference (and also size parameters of your invitation).  If the invitation is large enough to accommodate all the details on one card then there is no reason why you can’t do so. Traditionally, the main invitation includes the ceremony details and a reception card is included separately, but there are many traditional steps that couples choose to eliminate or modify to better accommodate their needs, budget, or style. 

These days paper RSVP cards are still quite common, but some couples (who may be dealing with a late send out of invitations or perhaps are eco-conscious) are choosing to eliminate this inclusion and simply asking guests to email (and/or phone in) their RSVP.  Including a phone option is a good idea if you choose to go this paperless route as there may be some guests that are not active on email.  For the record, the RSVP reply date is commonly 4 weeks prior to the wedding date.  You should be prepared to assign someone the role of contacting guests after this date to obtain missing RSVP confirmations.

Proper etiquette guidelines suggest that you include postage for all national invites.  It is acceptable, however, to forgo postage for overseas or international invites as it’s difficult to confirm the exact postage that might be required.

Good luck with your invitation homework Natalia and congratulations on your upcoming wedding!  

Wedding Planner signing off!  Until next week duckies… keep those questions coming in!  Submit your questions by emailing us at


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