Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ask a Planner... "Gift Registry Rules"

Hi DreamGroup,

Is it okay to include some gift registry details with the invitation?  My mom says it’s tacky, but the friends we poled all said they like knowing where people are registered.  Also, is there a polite way to ask for money?  What do people do these days?  

Jennifer K.

Great questions Miss K!  

Typically, etiquette rules would strongly deter any couple from listing their registry information with their invitations as this suggests that you are expecting a gift, but seriously who doesn’t know that they are expected to bring a gift to bestow on the happy couple?  

So… I tend to agree with your friends in that it’s far more convenient to know where a couple is registered rather than having to take additional steps to track down the information.  That said, including the information with the invitation may still be too much of a political statement for some (aka your mother) so you may prefer to list the details on a wedding website if you have one or stick with the traditional method and allow family and your wedding party to enlighten inquiring minds upon request.  

With regards to the rules surrounding asking for money and if it’s acceptable to do so, this is a touchy subject for many.  The good thing to know is that these days most couples who have not registered anywhere will most often receive money as their gift, however, if there are any concerns about being gifted polyester towels or an ugly vase than a simple note on the wedding website that says something along the lines of “We are most fortunate to have everything we need for our home so if you choose to bestow a gift upon us a monetary or interactive gift would be greatly appreciated’’ is perfectly acceptable.  And there are several poems you can find online that for some make asking for money a little “cuter”.  Good luck!   

Wedding Planner signing off!  Until next week duckies… keep those questions coming in!  Submit your questions by emailing us at


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