Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Ask a Planner... "Stationery Distress"

Hi DreamGroup

When are you supposed to send out Invitations?  Online there seems to be a lot of different suggestions… I saw one that said 6-8 weeks prior, but that seems like a really late time to let people know about your wedding.  Our wedding is August 18th.  Help!

Stationery Distress

Hello S.D.

Thanks for your question!  Believe it or not 6-8 weeks is the suggested norm, however, some couples send out their invitations as early as 10-12 weeks before the wedding, especially if no Save the Date (a pre invitation informing guests of the hosting city and wedding date usually sent out 6-12 months prior) has been sent.   If you have not already informed your guests via a S.T.D. or general email/phone discussion of your upcoming wedding date sending them out up to 12 weeks prior is perfectly acceptable.  In your case this would be mid-end May.  You wouldn’t send them out earlier as guests are more apt to lose their invitation or have commonly even been known to forget about the wedding if they are sent too early.  It’s the “Out of sight out of mind” excuse.  FYI:  The RSVP date is most often set for 2-4 weeks prior to the wedding and you should expect to assign someone in the wedding party or an eager family member to have to contact late RSVPers after the due date to follow up.  People are notoriously bad at sending in their RSVPs!  Best of luck with your wedding! 

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