Friday, May 25, 2012

This week's Friday's Fabulous Find will make you feel like Cinderella!

 The perfect shoe for the perfect you! 

Let your personality shine through your tootsies with these unique & sooo...comfortable shoes.  

By Chie Mihara

Not only will your dreams come true on your wedding day by marrying the love of your life, you will be able to do it in style and dance the night away in comfort! 

 Every bride that tries on these shoes, doesn’t want to take them off!



Here's what the designer Chie Mihara, from Spain says about her creation:
She wants "to offer women something different, footwear designed by woman for women, with a priority placed on design and comfort.  We're mothers, working women, active women!" say's Chie.  "We should have shoes that match our needs.  We want to look feminine, beautiful, attractive but without giving up comfort".


Your accessories on the day of your wedding is a great way to way to make a statement of your personality and the photographer can get some beautiful/creative shots!


Whatever the occasion, these heels will stay with you for many years to come.  If you are a bride or bride to be, may I suggest investing in a pair of Chie Mihara’s brilliantly designed shoes, they will take your breathe away!

To find these beauties, check out  
For more fabulous styles of shoes and where to purchase Chie Mihara check out Umeboshi  located at 3638 Main Street.

By Sandy Pandher, Associate Planner with DreamGroup Productions

With her "hands on" energetic approach to planning, Sandy offers a perfect balance between assertiveness and calmness -- two qualities instrumental in qualifying oneself as a great planner. This smart, savvy and dedicated planner's passion is in building relationships and connecting with each of her clients so that their wedding day can truly reflect who they are as a couple and what their love story symbolizes. Sandy is best suited to the busy Urban couple looking for a knowledgeable and intuitive planner to help bring their wedding vision to life.

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