Thursday, May 10, 2012

How much fun are Flipbooks? THIS MUCH!...

One of the fun elements that we incorporated into one of our recent events, the Slant Six Launch Party, was the ever growing in popularity Flipbook provided by Vancouver Flipbook.

This was so much fun, there was a line up of people wanting to get a piece of the action all night long.

Basically, you get in front of a camera, goof off for a few seconds and then presto! in 2 minutes you will have a custom flipbook that has captured your "performance". 

Check out this great video from the Slant Six Launch Party that showcases some of the fun that the guests had.  Keep in mind that this was a Zombie party...

If you missed seeing the photos from this one of a kind event, check out the post here.

Vancouver Flipbook will provide all of the props and everything that you need to incorporate this great interactive activity into your event. 

Sarah Shore
principal planner

Sarah Shore always knew she would be an entrepreneur.  In 2002 Sarah graduated from the University of Victoria with a Bachelor of Commerce in Business.  Sarah started a successful wedding website design company that gave her a taste for the entrepreneurial possibilities to come.

Sarah brings to the company a priceless range of cherished talents that give DreamGroup both a technical, stylish, and efficient edge.  Methodical in nature, and organized to a fault, Sarah’s composed approach to running the company and managing her accounts is always appreciated by both clients and associates alike.  Her ability to act as mediator for her clients in times of difficulty and keep her cool in times of stress are only two of Sarah’s most admirable qualities.  Her candidness and calm manner have brought for her the affectionate moniker, “No-Nonsense Shore”. 

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