Thursday, May 17, 2012

Client Expectations Exceeded!...

We just received this wonderful testimonial from the people at Slant Six Games after creating their Launch party for their latest game, Resident Evil: Raccoon City.

It was very cool to see this event come to life!  If you missed the post featuring this one of a kind event, check it out here.

“Sarah and the DreamGroup Productions team know how to create a phenomenal event! This super creative and highly organized team delivered the most memorable, fun and originally themed wrap party for the global release of our video game Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City. Every detail around the d├ęcor, entertainment and food & drinks had been so carefully researched and considered to produce an amazing zombie atmosphere in homage to our game. Behind all this seamless fun and entertainment is a slick team of efficient workers ensuring all logistics run like clockwork so all we had to do was enjoy the zombie cocktails and socialize. We would highly recommend this team for any of your event planning needs”

Ruth Spink, Slant Six Games

And here are a few of the comments that we received from the staff the morning after the party...

Hi Sarah,

I wanted to thank you again for all your hard work and for helping us throw the best Slant Six party yet! I had an amazing time and was blown away by how perfectly everything came together.

There are a ton of emails going around the office today about how much everyone enjoyed the party and I thought I’d share with you some of the feedback we’re getting:

This is the coolest party I’ve been to with so much detail, especially with the Raccoon City police car, Vector, Clare, Zombies, the G-virus dispenser, and the flip books. :)
I had a blast.  I would to thank everyone who helped out to make this amazing party possible. Thank you!”

“Thank you so much for such a brilliant party. Everything was perfect. I’m sure there are probably more people I should thank, but I’m not sure who they are, so please pass my thanks on to any and all applicable parties.”

“I’ve been to a fair number of Slant Six parties now, and this one was the best! Just fantastic on all levels – you guys outdid yourselves. :D
Thank you for a great night! :D”

that party was awesome – many thanks to everyone that had a hand it making it come together ! :) ”

I also wanted to send out a huge thank you to all involved with Friday night’s festivities.  It was the coolest wrap party I’ve ever been to. “

“It was incredible - I couldn’t believe the attention to detail. Just epic, thanks guys! :-D“

“Best party ever :)”

“That was truly awesome. Had the best time!
Thank you!”

“Awesome party you guys.
I can't imagine how much planning and coordination it took to pull all that together, there was so much going on.”

“It was one of the best events we have ever had!”

“Thank you for the most epic and dream come true party I've ever had!”

Sarah Shore
principal planner

Sarah Shore always knew she would be an entrepreneur.  In 2002 Sarah graduated from the University of Victoria with a Bachelor of Commerce in Business.  Sarah started a successful wedding website design company that gave her a taste for the entrepreneurial possibilities to come.

Sarah brings to the company a priceless range of cherished talents that give DreamGroup both a technical, stylish, and efficient edge.  Methodical in nature, and organized to a fault, Sarah’s composed approach to running the company and managing her accounts is always appreciated by both clients and associates alike.  Her ability to act as mediator for her clients in times of difficulty and keep her cool in times of stress are only two of Sarah’s most admirable qualities.  Her candidness and calm manner have brought for her the affectionate moniker, “No-Nonsense Shore”. 

We promise to inspire, inform & indulge!


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