Monday, May 7, 2012

Monday's Montage: Groom's Style Guide

The dress, the hair,  the accessories, the makeup, the lashes, the manicures, the diamonds, the SHOES! What do we sometimes forget? Oh right, the groom! Lucky for the boys, they can sleep in a little longer than you on the wedding day. A shower, a shave, and a fantastic suit will usually suffice. Which is your grooms style?

The Classic Groom

The Quirky Groom

The Preppy Groom (Did you find Chuck Bass you lucky girl?)

The Black Tie Groom

The Hipster Groom

The Summer Groom

The Whimsical Groom

The Outdoorsy Groom

You've already fallen in love with your prince charming, just wait until he takes your breath away all over again dressed up on your big day. Let Won at The Tux Store help you find the perfect suit to match your man's style. Groomsmen of all heights and sizes are well are taken care of, rentals include: Jacket, Pants, Shirt, Tie, Full Back Vest, Shoes, Socks, and Suspenders.

By Jayleen Deelman, Associate Planner with DreamGroup Productions

Jayleen Deelman has been with DreamGroup for 2 years and after proving herself as our Star Wedding Coordinator now takes on the role of Loving Planner. Jayleen is upbeat, good natured, and always smiling. She is attentive and with her passion for everything weddings she is key in carrying out a fluid and enjoyable wedding day experience. Clients adore her sweet disposition and her desire to make their wedding a memory they will never forget.

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